Working to enhance the lives of children and families living with Osteogenesis Imperfecta.


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Who is the Bennett Clayton Foundation for Children with OI?

Bennett Clayton DeBlieck was born on January 24, 2002.  Weighing in at almost nine pounds he was a healthy, happy, beautiful baby.  After reaching all major milestones right on time it seemed the world was his for the taking until a bazaar sequence of events thrust him into a whole new world.  Shortly before Bennett's 1st birthday he experienced his first tibia fracture.  Since that time he has had numerous leg fractures and two broken arms.  The frustration of watching our child struggle with the pain and immobility of broken bones has led our family to the creation of the Bennett Clayton Foundation for Children with OI (BCF).  Bennett has learned and relearned to crawl, walk and run three times after being placed in a hip spica cast (shown on right) for the repair of three femur fractures.  OI has robbed so many children of their freedom of mobility and consequently independent exploration of their world.  We often take for granted the bumps and tumbles of active children, as families with OI children we hold our breath every time they stumble.  It is the mission of BCF to raise funds to be used for education and clinical research into issues that particularly affect OI children and their families.  BCF funds will not go directly to Bennett or his family.

The Bennett Clayton Foundation is run by Bennett's mom, Erin DeBlieck; Bennett's paternal grandmother, Brenda DeBlieck; and Bennett's aunt, Paula Coomer.  The foundation was created in June 2003 as a non-profit corporation.  With the help of Bennett's entire family, BCF will work to raise awareness of this disorder and aid in finding better ways to help children and their families live with OI as well as one day to find a cure.


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